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Who are we?

Mission Statement
People United in Shaping and Helping Beaver County (“PUSH”) is an independent and
multifaceted association of diversified professionals that demonstrates exceptional
industry knowledge. We bring a dedication to promoting business growth, and a county-
wide commitment to community involvement through networking, socialization and

What is PUSH Beaver County?
PUSH is a group of dedicated professionals who, either have a vested interest in Beaver
County, or are interested in the improvement of our community. PUSH is first, and
foremost, a social group, formed to bring together professionals interested in broadening
their contact base, meet new friends and make new business relationships. Secondly, it
provides a base of unity on several different levels: business interest, philanthropic interest
and bipartisan political interest. Finally, but not limited to these listed areas: PUSH is a non-
profit corporation involved in fund raising, community outreach, volunteer work and
economic development.

The organization is focused on a better Beaver County. PUSH is interested in a county that
is moving forward towards better social and economic conditions. PUSH focuses on
moving in new business (marketing), while taking advantage of the Beaver County's
geography, culture and infrastructure. PUSH will promote a county that moves forward
politically and at the same time are able to strengthen the organization's position within the
county bureaucracy. This organization is focused on attracting new businesses as well as
encouraging existing investors to reinvest their time and resources within Beaver County.

PUSH encourages Beaver County residents to remain active in their communities by
networking with area Chamber of Commerce groups, churches, senior centers and local
services. Future Goal: To establish a solid reputation for PUSH as a group who is
dedicated to local municipal pride and to the individual Beaver County communities while at
the same time promoting unity.

The primary goal of PUSH is to facilitate working associations between professionals in the
Beaver County area. This pool of professionals increases our influence and provides
PUSH members a promising foundation for personal growth within their own individual
industries and areas of expertise. PUSH allows member a vehicle to communicate
important information and ideas to one another.

PUSH is an engine for charitable reinvestment into Beaver County's future. Our pledge is to
invest our resources and time into programs that help the Beaver County community
exclusively. PUSH has pledged scholarships to a student from each of the (17) seventeen
public county school districts who make a commitment to attend an institution of higher
learning within Beaver County. Future Goal: To be recogniz
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