Spanos Group of Raymond James

1069 Third Street, Beaver, PA, 15009
844 545 2259
Contact: Samual Spanos
We offer a high level of skill, insight and experience that few other financial teams can exceed. In addition to bringing a global financial perspective to our relationship, you'll find we also take a close-knit, family-oriented approach to our work with you. This keeps us focused on developing sensible, prudent, long-term strategies for your assets and investments—and on the milestones in your life that impact them.

Our mission is to go beyond your expectations. We do this through outstanding customer service, objective guidance and sound recommendations. We understand the importance of the assets you ask us to help you manage—and we never forget that they are the achievement of what you've done so far and the foundation of what your family will accomplish tomorrow. You'll find we can help you build strategies that can help you pursue short-term goals as well as long-term objectives and dreams. We look forward to working with you.
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